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We can create solutions for every step of document management from scanning documents, digitizing them, and ultimately storing them for you on our secure servers.

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Cloud Based Software

DOMA Document Solution of Indiana’s affordable iDocs Document Management Software is an easy-to-use solution for managing and securing business-critical electronic documents essential to your organization. The application provides access to your data when and where you need it. iDocs allows you to securely scan, capture, retrieve and view documents from any Internet connection. iDocs sets data guidelines for:

  • Filing and organization methods

  • Retrieval, indexing and archiving process

  • Workflow and data creation rules

  • Traceability of document versions

  • Internal and external security requirements

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    iDocs is affordable. Pricing is based on usage and no per user fees.

    iDocs helps you organize. Streamline and organize business processes, save time and money.

    iDocs elminates the inefficiency of shared-files, and automates the capture and organization of information.

    iDocs' helps securely scan , capture, retrieve, and view documents from any Internet connection.

    iDocs system works in concert with virtually any IT system, allowing fast, seamless integration.

    iDocs is ideal for smaller organizations with a handful of critical users and for large organizations with employees who need worldwide access.

    iDocs Provides a backup solution of all your critical data and documents.

    iDocs Features

  • Simple, user-friendly web based interface

  • Scan, Upload, Fax documents directly into the system

  • Unlimited, full-time access to file documents

  • Immediate deployment

  • Highest level of security and encryption in the industry

  • Creates HIPAA compliant audit logs of all user and document activity

  • Online administrative tools

  • Ability to grant temporary or limited access to external users

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    DOMA's Many Benefits

  • Fast user adoption through an intuitive and easy to use design

  • Increased productivity by reducing file retrieval time

  • Improved compliancy with documented policies and procedures

  • Information security with controlled data and remote access

  • Low impact on the environment through elimination of paper

  • Strengthened disaster recovery plan

  • Reduced cost of handling, storing and duplicating paper documents

  • Increased customer service with immediate access to their documents